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Heres the proper application, fill it up and then contact an officer in game. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If we are currently not recruiting we will file your application.

Topic title: Name and class

1) Tell us a little about yourself (Age, where are you from, etc)

2) Class?

4) Gear. (+Healing/+Dmg Casters) // (Defense, HP, AC, Dodge, Warrior/Druid)

5) What guilds have you been a part of? why did you leave? IF you are a cross server applicant we want to know details. What sever are you coming from, why did you transfer?

6) Why The black Watch? Why us? Why should we accept you?

7) Resistances?

8) Heroic Keys? Experience?

9) Whats your current spec, why did you choose to spec this way?

10) Would you respecc for the guild, whats your take on PvE specs?
Recruits will stay PvE speccs for a while. We require you to specc howver the guild needs.

11) Do you know anyone in TBW?

12) Whats your favorite role in a raid?

13) Trade Skills // Professions?

14) Whats your playtime? (how many days played, how much do you play every day?)

15) Can you meet our raid schedule (It may vary).
Saturday: 7pm-X
Monday: 8pm-11:30pm
Wednesday: 8pm-11:30pm
Thursday: 8pm-11:30pm

Keep in mind. Personality counts as much as time available, skill and gear. We are not a PG-13 guild. If you don't have a sense of humor just stop now as we are also very much based on community in TBW.

The members will review the app and pick it apart. If you can't take a few jokes and constructive criticism this isn't the guild for you.

IF you are accepted for a trial/recruit membership your app will be moved to our private forums and discussed as you continue to raid raid with us for 2 weeks untagged. At the end of the trial the guild will vote on whether to accept or deny your membership.
Raid Leader & Officer
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